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Happy Diving is also a certified diving school qualified to issue international diving certificates. NADD is the member federation ITA - F 03 of CMAS – World Underwater Federation and issues CMAS certificates for its courses.
In our NADD courses, we employ the most innovative and efficient teaching techniques in a wide choice of courses, starting from the basic OPEN WATER DIVER courses for leisure divers to the professional DIVE MASTER and INSTRUCTOR courses, including also a whole range of speciality courses, among which:
  • Buoyancy
  • Navigation/orientation                                                   CORSO NITROX
  • Night diving                                                             CORSO DECOMPRESSION
  • Deep diving
  • Underwater photography
  • Wrecks                                                                           Corsi di nuoto 
  • Search and recovery                                 Corsi di Snorkeling-Corsi di Apnea


HSA courses

The HSA courses aim at: preparing anyone who has decided to become a diver in spite of a physical handicap; providing experience and gratification to divers who want to dive with a handicapped partner; guiding future HSA instructors through a packed and varied training program.
Certified courses: OPEN WATER. DIVE BUDDIES

DAN courses

The objective of this course is the use and provision of oxygen in case of a diving accident.
The objective of this course is the preparation of the DAN instructors who will teach the DAN Oxygen Provider course. 

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